Traffic, Roads, & Bridges

The County of Lennox & Addington and three of its four Lower Tier Municipalities (The Town of Greater Napanee, Loyalist Township and the Township of Stone Mills) have engaged the services of Wagar & Corput Weed Control Inc. for the application of pesticide to control noxious weeds along the following rural roadsides:

County of Lennox & Addington Roads: Download Map Here
1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29 and 41.

Town of Greater Napanee Roads: Download Map Here
Goodyear Rd, Woodcock St, Oliver Sideroad, Bridge St W, Golf Course Ln, Switzerville Rd, Old Hamburg Rd, Oke Rd, Little Creek Rd, Big Creek Rd, Perry Rd, Chambers Rd, Ridge Rd, Storey St, Galt St, Huyck St, Benns Point Rd, Hambly Rd, Fitchett Rd, Abrams Rd, Hickory Ln, Townline Rd, South Shore Rd, Third Concession Rd, Ruuths Ln, Staples Ln, Road 1, Armstrong Ln, Bathurst St, Wellington St, Apsley Dr.

Loyalist Township Roads: Download Map Here
Brandon Rd, Sharpe Rd, Violet Rd, Townline Rd, Big Creek Rd, Withers Rd, McIntyre Rd, Ham Rd, Doyle Rd, Rees Rd, Irish Rd, Lucas Rd, Wing Rd, Chatterson Rd, Caton Rd, Clark Rd, Fairbanks St, Shane St.

Township of Stone Mills Roads: Download Map Here
Goodyear Rd, Bethel Rd, Lake Rd (from Butternut Rd to Blue Heron St)

The Contractor will be using the following pesticide:
Clearview Herbicide, Reg. #29752 under the Pest Control Products Act, active ingredients Aminopyralid, present as potassium salt, Metsulfuron-methyl.

Gateway Adjuvant, Reg. #31470 under the Pest Control Products Act, Paraffinic Oil, Alkoxylated alcohol non-ionic surfactants emulsifiable concentrate.

Commencing on June 1 (weather permitting) to June 30, 2017.

The following areas will NOT be sprayed:

  • Roadside areas mowed and maintained as a lawn by property owners.
  • Minimum 10 metre buffer from source water and freshwater habitat.
  • Locations requested not to be sprayed by adjacent landowners.

If landowners do not want the road allowance in front of their property to be sprayed they must register their request and post "NO SPRAYING" signs at the start and finish of their property.  Registration forms are available at the County of Lennox & Addington offices and will require the landowner to enter into an agreement to manage all noxious weeds on the subject frontage.

For further information contact (collect calls will be accepted):

Wagar & Corput Weed Control Inc., 613-938-2117
The County of Lennox & Addington 613-354-4883

For further information regarding weed control please click here.